Jun 19, 2021 / By Alyssa / COVID-19

COVID’s Impact on the SAT

The pandemic has affected the role of standardized tests in college admissions, but don’t throw away your No. 2 pencils just yet.

Jun 19, 2021 / By Alyssa / ACT, SAT

The SAT vs. the ACT Settled Once and for All (Well, Kind of)

The SAT and ACT—bitter archenemies since the dawn of No. 2 pencils—are far more alike than they’ve ever been before, but there are still important differences students need to consider.

Jun 19, 2021 / By Alyssa / PSAT

The PSAT: A Very Important Test That Doesn’t Really Matter (Except When It Does)

Does the PSAT actually count for anything or is it simply practice?

Jun 19, 2021 / By Alyssa / SAT

Traveling Out of State to Take the SAT

Not exactly the kind of road trip Kerouac wrote about, but…

Jun 19, 2021 / By Alyssa / SAT

A “Good Score,” Defined

Our answer to the perennial question, “What’s a good score on the SAT?”

Drawing of hand holding phone
Jun 19, 2021 / By Alyssa / Admissions

Admissions in the Age of Social Media

Be careful what you post, tweet, chat, or like—a single comment can get you banned from college for good.