Nice Things Actual Teenagers (and the Unsung Heroes Who Pay for Their Cell Phones) Have Said About Us

Visit the websites of other test prep companies—which we are not naming, because some of them have Big Scary lawyers
on retainer—and you will find alleged student testimonials that look like this:

Taylor A., Central High School

My SAT class was totally rad! With my fantastic new score, I’ll be able to get into an Ivy League college, become a cardiologist, and support my parents in their retirement. Thank you, SAT prep company!

Taylor A.
Central High School

Do you think any teenager in America actually speaks like that? (We, at THE PLAYBOOK, aren’t even sure whether teenagers even
speak any more—but that’s another story.)

On our site, all of the feedback you’ll see was submitted by actual students and parents. Our testimonials are recent, authentic,
and completely unedited. So, prepare yourself for oodles of exclamation points and an endearing sprinkling of emojis.

Here is a sample of what actual, living, breathing, texting teenagers have said about us:

Jesse Kinsmann, Newton High School

The instructor was very good. (I don’t remember his name, but I believe it started with a J.) He kept a good pace and made it interactive and fun. I have taken SAT prep classes in the past and there is no doubt that this was the best one. The pace and level of detail he went into was tremendous. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.

Jesse Kinsmann
Newton High School
Newton, CT

Kashyap Kolukula, Littleton High School

The teacher was very engaging—I learned so much today. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kashyap Kolukula
Littleton High School
Littleton, MA

Ruhani Prasad, South County High School

Great tips on avoiding incorrect answers!

Ruhani Prasad
South County High School
Lorton, VA

Rory O’Dwyer, Owen J. Roberts High School

The instructor was very interesting and easy to listen to. He made the SAT seem less daunting and more doable.

Rory O’Dwyer
Owen J. Roberts High School
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Andrew Poe, West Springfield High School

I appreciated the instructor saying good job to specific people during the Boot Camp. It made the course feel more personal. Also, although SAT prep is obviously boring, and I would rather be watching football, the instructor kept the course interesting, keeping me engaged and helping me learn throughout the entire class.

Andrew Poe
West Springfield High School
West Springfield, MA

Micah Desai, Sunny Hills High School

This was so convenient and helpful. Thank you so much for providing really good examples.

Micah Desai
Sunny Hills High School
Fullerton, CA

Arthur Harner, Sparta High School

Had a great time!

Arthur Harner
Sparta High School
Sparta, NJ

Katie Koller, Southern Regional High School

Thank you! I really think this will help me on the SATs!

Katie Koller
Southern Regional High School
Stafford Township, NJ

Suzannah Eibacher, Governor Livingston High School

The math part was really helpful for me. I understand the test a lot better than before.

Suzannah Eibacher
Governor Livingston High School
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Lisa Jair, Walpole High School

Very helpful and engaging. I like how you answered students’ specific questions.

Lisa Jair
Walpole High School
Walpole, MA

Sruthi Polturi, West Windsor-Plainisboro High School North

It was a great experience. Thank you very much!

Sruthi Polturi
West Windsor-Plainisboro High School North
Plainsboro, NJ

Benjamin Palmer, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

The instructor was pretty cool.

Benjamin Palmer
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North
Plainsboro, NJ

Kavya Kamath, Sparta High School

This was my first SAT prep course so I don’t have much else to compare it to, but it was a great experience and I feel a lot more prepared now. The instructor was interesting so that was nice—it made the course less boring (not that it was boring, I just don’t want to use the word interesting again because that’s repetitive). Thank you for the tips and tricks. And to whoever is reading these survey responses, I hope you have a nice day. 🙂

Kavya Kamath
Sparta High School
Sparta, NJ

Thomas Reynolds, Owen J. Roberts High School

I really enjoyed the course and definitely know it’ll help me get a higher score on the SAT.

Thomas Reynolds
Owen J. Roberts High School
Pottstown, PA

Vinayak Nair, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

Outstanding course overall. It was very informative, well-explained, and engaging.

Vinayak Nair
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
West Windsor, NJ

Drew Fitzpatrick, Bordentown Regional High School

Thank you very much, I feel a lot more confident and have learned more tricks to help me on the test.

Drew Fitzpatrick
Bordentown Regional High School
Bordentown Township, NJ