Suparna Mahableshwarkar

We are a highly academic school, where students feel tremendous pressure to achieve. Your boot camps help our students earn great scores without adding any more stress to their lives, which is amazing.

Tracy Handerhan, THE PLAYBOOK client

Tracy Handerhan

“I chose your program for my daughters because I wanted a program that was comprehensive and results-oriented without being… how shall I say this… boring! I love that you use humor to keep students engaged and that you break down strategies into easy-to-remember steps.”

Joshua Yaffin, THE PLAYBOOK client

Joshua Yaffin

“We chose your program based on the recommendation of my son’s college counselor, and I’m very pleased with the progress he’s making. The one-on-one tutoring is helping him build skills naturally, over time, without having to sacrifice his school work or his commitment to soccer. Thank you for being dedicated, flexible, and supportive.”