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...there's a pretty good chance you or a teenager whose cell phone bill you pay will be taking the SAT or ACT and applying to college sometime soon. You may be feeling a little stressed by the whole process, or (more likely) you may be feeling very stressed by the whole process. After all, when did college admissions become so, well, insane?

At The Playbook, we can't do anything about the tests themselves, but we can change the way that students approach preparing for exams and applying to college. Whether you're looking to ace the verbal sections of the SAT, learn shortcuts for ACT challenging math problems, or craft a college application essay that will linger in the minds of admissions officers, we have a proven playbook to help you achieve your goal.

Oh, and one more thing:

We're not boring! We realize most high school students, even ones in seventeen A.P. classes, would rather do pretty much anything other than study for the SAT or ACT. In fact, we've even compiled a list of 1,000 Things Most Teenagers Would Rather Do Than Prep for the SAT or ACT right here. That's why we strive to make our courses not only comprehensive but also engaging and fun. (Well, fun for a prep class.) The SAT and ACT may be boring, but learning to ace them doesn't have to be.

Weekend Boot Camps

Efficient, effective and engaging. Our weekend Boot Camps are the most popular way to learn how to ace the SAT or ACT or perfect your college application essays.

One Weekend. Every Strategy You Need to Know.

SAT Boot Camp

Shortcuts for tricky Math questions. Strategies for uncovering hidden clues in Reading passages. Techniques for avoiding sneaky trap answers. March into the SAT with confidence, momentum, and every key strategy fresh in your mind.

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One Weekend. Every Strategy You Need to Know.

ACT Boot Camp

Strategies for Reading faster without sacrificing comprehension. Techniques for deciphering confusing Science passages and graphs. Shortcuts for math problems that stump 95% of test-takers. March into the ACT with confidence, momentum, and every key strategy fresh in your mind.

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Unlock the Story That Will Get You In

College Admissions Boot Camp

Learn a proven system for crafting truly riveting application essays, from the brainstorming process all the way to the finishing touches of the final draft. Write a personal statement that will leave admissions yearning to learn more about you - and determined to vote "admit."

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Elite Courses

Specialized programs for highly-ambitious students targeting perfect or near-perfect scores.

Expert PSAT Prep For Top Students

Future National Merit Scholars PSAT Prep

Each year, the National Merit Scholarship Program honors students whose PSAT scores place them in the highest category of test-takers in their state: the top one-half of one percent.

Our Future National Merit Scholars program maximizes students' potential to be among the chosen.

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Advanced Verbal Strategies for A.P. Students

Aiming for 800

The ultimate course for ambitious students who wish to go from a very good SAT Reading and Writing score to a truly elite score.

Ideal for A.P. students who are gifted in STEM and capable of earning a top score in SAT Math but have yet to achieve an SAT Reading and Writing score of 750 or higher.

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The average years of teaching experience for our instructors and admissions advisors.


The average SAT score-improvement for our students during the 2020-'21 academic year.


The average student rating, out of 5, for all of our courses - the highest rating of any test prep and college admissions firm on Trust Pilot.


The average number of naps taken by our students during our courses and programs.

"We're so thankful to have The Playbook as our exclusive prep partner. Jared and his team have been beyond dedicated to our school, even helping students outside of class with free academic support and admissions advice. And our average SAT and PSAT scores have soared. The Playbook's Future National Merit Scholars program doubled our number of National Merit Scholarship winners, and the vast majority of our juniors improved by 100 to 300 points over their previous SAT score."

Holly Barbarossa
The Mary Louis Academy
New York City

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And 100% Non-GMO.

From an engineer who plays the banjo to a linguist who leads mission trips to Haiti, our instructors are creative, conscientious, intellectually-feisty, and—above all—committed to you.
Meet the mighty minds who call The Playbook home.


University of Michigan-educated. Handsomely bespectacled. And gifted with any instrument capable of being strummed.


Duke-educated. Super into skiing. And head over wheels for roller derby.


Northwestern-educated. Devoted to data. And keen on anything relating to writing, performing, and live music.

Actual Student Textimonials

"Ivy League Tutors is awesome! I love studying SAT algebra every Saturday morning!"
- Billy B., Hamilton High School

Oh, come on. Do you think any teenager in the history of Teenage-Americans has ever said anything that glowing about an SAT prep class - even one of ours? At The Playbook, we don't fabricate reviews or pay people to proclaim their love for us. The following messages are all real, all recent, and all from students just like you.

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4 days ago

The review class helped a lot a...

The review class helped a lot and was a great experience.

Emily Trujilo

September 7

We had an excellent experience

We had an excellent expeirence. My son found his instructor to be engaged and helpful...


4 days ago

The review class helped a lot a...

The review class helped a lot and was a great experience.

Emily Trujilo

August 7

We had an excellent experience

We had an excellent expeirence. My son found his instructor to be engaged and helpful...