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For Beating the SAT at Its Own Game

Our award-winning Boot Camp teaches go-to strategies for every question guaranteed to be on the SAT.

The People Behind The Playbook

Julian, THE PLAYBOOK instructor

PLAYBOOK instructor Julian. Motivator of teenagers. Archenemy of standardized tests. And part-time graphic designer. (Well, he doesn’t spend all his time tutoring.)

At THE PLAYBOOK, we believe exams like the SAT and ACT are simply games with their own rules of engagement—nothing more, nothing less.

Whatever skills tests like the SAT claim to assess—math aptitude, reading ability, some mumbo jumbo about “critical thinking”—has absolutely no bearing on real life.

Tests aren’t measures of intelligence or aptitude. Tests are hurdles to be leapt over and put in the rearview mirror. At THE PLAYBOOK, we take the official SAT and ACT exams every time the tests are offered to deepen our expertise, and we hire actual SAT and ACT writers to uncover little-known test secrets, including the way the SAT develops its notoriously tricky trap answers. When you learn THE PLAYBOOK, our insider knowledge becomes your insider knowledge. We teach proven methods for tackling every question you’re guaranteed to face, so you can march into the test with confidence, momentum, and every key strategy fresh in your mind.

Oh, and One More Thing:

We’re not boring! We realize most teenagers would rather watch C-SPAN or undergo dental surgery than prep for the SAT or ACT, which is why we make learning to ace these tests as interactive and engaging as possible. Do our instructors sing and dance? No. Most can’t even do the “Running Man.” Do our courses feature Cirque du Soleil-like pyrotechnics? Nope. Couldn’t get it past insurance. But what all of our prep programs do include—our weekend Boot Camps, our special combo classes, and our one-on-one tutoring—is a commitment to motivating students through patience, empathy, and a much-needed sprinkling of humor.

Prep Options

Choose the program that fits your needs, then learn THE PLAYBOOK for maximizing your score.

Smiling woman student wearing glasses sitting at table in university cafe looking at laptop

ACT Boot Camp

The ultimate weekend prep course, led by a nationally-recognized expert on the ACT.

Smiling woman student wearing glasses sitting at table in dorm room typing on laptop

SAT Boot Camp

The ultimate weekend prep course, led by a nationally-recognized expert on the SAT.

Private Tutoring

Fully-customized one-on-one tutoring for the SAT, ACT, or PSAT.

“As a science teacher and a parent I understand the importance of good scores when applying to college. My son is one of the top students at our school but he scored just a 24 on the ACT the first time. After your ACT Boot Camp, he earned a 33–up 9 points from his first time. As an educator, I know there is no magic way to improve test scores, but I am sure your course played a huge roll in his new score.”


Tom Kutz
Parent and Chair of The Science Department
Vacaville High School (Vacaville, CA)

Locally-sourced. Eco-friendly. And 100% non-GMO.

Our instructors are natural teachers passionate about helping students succeed.

Picture of Leonard, instructor for THE PLAYBOOK


Yale-educated. Crazy about chess. And hoping to carve out time to begin indoor climbing.

Picture of Corinne, instructor for THE PLAYBOOK


Duke-educated. Super into skiing. And head over wheels for roller derby.


Princeton-educated. Keen on cooking. And always first on the dance floor on every occasion.

Picture of Maku, instructor for THE PLAYBOOK


William & Mary-educated. Wild about world travel. And ardent fan of every show on HGTV.

Julian, THE PLAYBOOK instructor


UCLA-educated. Totally into tech. And proud papa to Mr. Business, a debonair French bulldog.


Harvard-educated. Equally passionate about neurobiology and hip-hop. And currently learning Portuguese.

Talk with a Teacher, Not a Salesperson

Our team members aren’t salespersons. They’re professional educators, each with over a decade of experience helping families
navigate the test prep stage of college admissions. We’re happy to connect with you for free—no obligations or strings attached.

Email us at Info@LearnThePlaybook.com or schedule a free phone consultation by clicking the link below.

Real Students. Real Success Stories.

Elvia Perez

“I just want to let you know how honored I am to have gotten the chance to work with you. You have been such an incredible guide and mentor throughout this whole process, and I am forever grateful.”

Elvia Perez
Student, Marshall High School
Los Angeles, CA

Pooja Chopra

“I’ve taken like 10 million SAT prep courses but yours was actually great.”

Pooja Chopra
Student, New Explorations into Science, Technology, and Math High School
New York City, NY

Joshua Yaffin

“We chose your program based on the recommendation of my son’s college counselor, and I’m very pleased with the progress he’s making. The one-on-one tutoring is helping him build skills naturally, over time, without having to sacrifice his school work or his commitment to soccer. Thank you for being dedicated, flexible, and supportive.”

Joshua Yaffin
Parent, Trinity Catholic

Tracy Handerhan

“I chose your program for my daughters because I wanted a program that was comprehensive and results-oriented without being… how shall I say this… boring! I love that you use humor to keep students engaged and that you break down strategies into easy-to-remember steps.”

Tracy Handerhan
Parent, Rumson-Fair Haven High School
Rumson, NJ

Suparna Mahableshwarkar

We are a highly academic school, where students feel tremendous pressure to achieve. Your boot camps help our students earn great scores without adding any more stress to their lives, which is amazing.

Suparna Mahableshwarkar
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North
West Windsor, NJ

Rena Yu

Thank you for motivating my son to do his best and helping my daughter gain admission into DUKE’s TIPS program.

Rena Yu
The Kinkaid School
Houston, TX