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Aiming for 800 is the ultimate SAT Verbal prep course, an in-depth program specifically designed for ambitious, highly intelligent students who wish to earn a score of 750 or higher in SAT Reading and Writing.


How to read in a quick and efficient manner, without sacrificing comprehension.
How to spot the subtle differences between correct and incorrect answers on SAT Reading questions.
How to uncover hidden clues that instantly reveal the main idea in lengthy SAT Reading passages.
How to crack every Writing and Language question guaranteed to be on the SAT.


  • 8 two-hour sessions from an Ivy League-educated Reading and Writing specialist who has guided thousands of students to reach their utmost potential on the SAT and ACT.
  • Our exclusive prep guide, The Playbook for Acing the SAT’s Reading and Writing Tests, which features hundreds of strategies, tips, and practice questions.
  • Full-length diagnostic exams to gauge progress and build mental stamina.
  • Video recordings of every lesson, so students can review key concepts whenever and as often as they would like, even after the course has ended.

790 in Reading and Writing on the May SAT! Thank you!

Aishwarya R.
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
Princeton Junction, NJ

Thank you for helping me earn a 1550 on the SAT! I was a bit nervous the day of, but as I was going through the test, I felt very prepared. The course taught me how to read and analyze passages as well as the questions, which really helped me narrow down the choices and choose the correct answer each time.”

Justine Lao
The Mary Louis Academy
Jamaica Estates, NY

“I was able to raise my SAT score from a 1370 to a 1540. That’s a 170-point increase, something that may seem daunting but becomes easier with great guidance.”

Nicholas C.
Somers High School
Somers, NY

“Up from 620 to 760—thank you, this course was amazing!”

Jennie Park
Whitney Young Magnet High School
Chicago, IL

“Before, I could never figure out how to tell right answers from the wrong ones. I could usually get Reading question down to two choices, but then I would sit there, unsure which one to pick. I used to lose so much time in SAT Reading, going back-and-forth between answer choices. Now I know how to spot when an answer seems to be right but is really a ‘trap.’ Thank you. I feel much more confident for October.”

Arushi Varadkar
J. P. Stevens High School
Edison, NJ


Michael Leung
Lowell High School
San Francisco, CA
“I really liked the teacher and how he was authentic and relatable and included sample questions and excerpts. I really do feel much more confident.”
Sydney Jones
Springbrook High School


Our answer is an emphatic yes. SAT Reading is just as coachable a SAT Math and SAT Writing and Language—arguably more so than those other test sections. Admittedly, SAT Reading is easier to teach to student who are and have been avid readers. However, very few students, even ones who are voracious readers, spend their free time reading densely-worded passages on such fascinating topics as soil decomposition and geese migration in Southern New Zealand. In other words, very few students spend their time reading the kind of passages featured on the SAT’s Reading Test, which is why even A.P. English students who have Jane Austen posters in their room find the SAT’s Verbal sections challenging. Thankfully, we have devised a proven system that teaches students how to tackle each type of passage they’re going to encounter (Literature, Social Science, Natural Science, and History).
We cover all aspects of the SAT’s Reading Test as well as the Writing and Language Test. We do not address the optional SAT Essay as that section of the exam has been phased out of college admissions.
Our course instructor is renowned in the field of test preparation and has sterling academic credentials. He earned a National Merit Scholarship in high school, was an Ivy League English major, and has earned dozens of perfect scores on the verbal sections of the SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE. But much more importantly, the instructor who will be leading your son or daughter is patient, funny, nurturing and 100% dedicated to his students. Since 2006, he has coached thousands of students to reach their highest potential on the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT.
The tuition is $899 per student. Some of our partner schools and districts subsidize all or a portion of the tuition, so you may be eligible for a discount on this and other Playbook prep programs.
Each course averages 12 students. Participants benefit not only from the expertise of our instructor, but also from each other. Unlike other courses, which lump students of varying aspirations and abilities together, AIMING FOR 800 unites bright, high-achieving young women and men into a cohesive group of students all committed to maximizing their score. We foster a collaborative environment from the very first lesson. Students benefit from questions posed by other top students and from individualized, one-on-one feedback from the instructor.
Most participants begin with an SAT Verbal score in the 600s out of 800. Students whose starting scores range from 600 to 650 average 110 points improvement. Students whose starting scores range from 660 to 700 average 80 points improvement. Students whose starting scores range from 710 to 730 average 50 points improvement. And students wose starting scores range from 740 to 760 average 30 points improvement. AIMING FOR 800 is ideally suited for students seeking to improve from a score in the mid-600s to a score in the mid-700s (or higher) in SAT Verbal. We do not recommend this course for students who have already attained a score of 770 or higher.
Yes, quite possibly, but it depends on how many times you have already taken the SAT and on what coaching or test preparation you’ve already had. If you are concerned that this course may be too rigorous for you, please email us at info@LearnThePlaybook.com, and we will gladly address your questions and guide your decision.
That’s not an issue. Many course participants have yet to take an official SAT exam, though most have at least taken a practice test to gauge their current score levels in Math and Verbal.
Historically, half of the participants are juniors or rising juniors. High-achieving sophomores comprise around a quarter of the students and rising seniors comprise the other quarter. The sophomores who take this program tend to be academically precocious and are looking for a major head start on their test preparation.

Our Next AIMING FOR 800 Course Begins October 27

Outstanding in math but struggling to reach your highest potential in SAT Reading and Writing? Aiming for 800 is a lively, interactive course designed for high-achieving students who want to learn proven techniques for cracking every verbal question guaranteed to be on the SAT.
Oct 27 – Nov 20Wednesday & Saturday ClassesWed (7 – 9 p.m. ET)
Sat (2 – 4 p.m. ET)
Live-Online$899 Enroll


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September 27

Useful Strategies

Really great and easy-to-remember strategies. The content was engaging and definitely worth the time.


September 27

I loved the way jared taught

I loved the way jared taught, he made everything seem very simple


August 1

Great Course

Very Helpful Course. I learned a lot of new strategies and tricks to help me with the SAT.

July 27


Excellent, dedicated to the success of each student, strongly recommend!


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