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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

These Terms and Conditions govern your purchase of all educational programs and services (“Programs”) from Tutoring & Test Prep LLC (“THE PLAYBOOK”). These Terms and Conditions supersede all other oral or written agreements and constitute the entire agreement between you and THE PLAYBOOK. By purchasing services from this site or from THE PLAYBOOK directly, you are indicating your acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of sale.

Parent or Guardian Authorization

For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a “minor” is someone who has not reached the age of majority in the applicable jurisdiction from which this site is being accessed. In the event that you, as a legal guardian, wish to allow a minor to use this site and/or any of THE PLAYBOOK’s Programs, you acknowledge that that minor will have permission to access this entire site and any Programs without limitation.

Intellectual Property

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree that all Program materials, curriculum guides, e-books, code, software, videos, and session transcripts owned by, provided by, licensed, or controlled by THE PLAYBOOK (“Content”) constitutes proprietary information. Accordingly, Content may not be copied, distributed, republished, uploaded, posted, modified, or transmitted in any way without THE PLAYBOOK’s prior written consent. You agree not to remove or alter, or cause to be removed or altered, any copyright, trademark, trade name, service mark, or any other proprietary notice or legend appearing on any Content.

Proper Learning Environment

You affirm that students need to be in an environment conducive to learning in order to reap the maximum benefit from any of THE PLAYBOOK’s Programs. You agree that a proper learning environment requires mutual respect and cooperation and that students who engage in disruptive behavior (e.g., use of profanity) undermine the learning process both for themselves and their peers. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree that THE PLAYBOOK and its employees and representatives have sole discretion in determining whether any student’s behavior constitutes grounds for dismissal. You agree that students deemed to be disruptive by THE PLAYBOOK or any of its employees or representatives will be asked to leave the learning environment, which includes Programs being conducted online. You further agree that THE PLAYBOOK will not issue a partial refund, full refund, or credit to any students who are asked to leave due to disruptive behavior.

Privacy Policy

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that THE PLAYBOOK has access to the information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct communication. THE PLAYBOOK is the sole owner of the information collected on this site, and THE PLAYBOOK does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your information to any third party other than when necessary to fulfill your request (for example, to ship an order of curriculum books).

Unfair Competition

You may not enroll in or use any Program for the benefit of any competitor of THE PLAYBOOK. You agree that by registering for and purchasing any Program, you are not doing so to assist or in any way abet a competitor of THE PLAYBOOK.

Cancellations and Refund Requests

If you with to withdraw your enrollment in any Program, you must call or email THE PLAYBOOK at least 48 hours prior to the start of the first session of the Program for which you have registered. (For example, if you wish to cancel your registration for a class that is scheduled to begin at 9 AM Eastern Time on September 10th, you must submit your cancellation request no later than 9 AM Eastern Time on September 8th.) Refund requests can be emailed to or requested via phone at 888.602.1972 between 8 AM and 8 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. THE PLAYBOOK will provide full refunds for cancellation requests submitted at least 48 hours prior to the start of any scheduled Program. If you do not provide at least 48 hours’ notice, THE PLAYBOOK will issue you a credit that can be applied toward any other Program. Credits do not expire but cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to other customers or prospective customers. THE PLAYBOOK does not issue refunds, partial refunds, or discounts to individuals who only attend a portion of any of its Programs and refund requests are not granted once any Program has begun or has ended.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

THE PLAYBOOK disclaims all warranties and conditions, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to, implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In particular, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, THE PLAYBOOK makes no representations or warranties with respect to the likelihood or degree of score improvement and the likelihood of gaining admission to any particular university or institution. THE PLAYBOOK is not in any way liable for a student’s failure to improve his or her score or failure to achieve admission to any university or institution.

Accepting These Terms and Conditions

Please indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by checking the “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions” checkbox. By checking this checkbox, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all the Terms and Conditions herein. Note that you must be 18 years of age or older to accept these Terms and Conditions. If you are less than 18 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian accept on your behalf. Checking the “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions” checkbox is a representation from you that you are at least 18 years of age at the time of sale.