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Backed by data, THE PLAYBOOK is a one-weekend workshop that teaches students go-to strategies for every question they’re guaranteed to face on the morning of the test. Selected topics include how to:

✓ Spot hidden clues that reveal the main idea in long reading passages.

✓ Shortcut math problems that stump virtually all test takers.

✓ Identify and avoid even the most tempting trap answers.

✓ Eliminate choices based on words and phrases that will never be in the correct answer.

THE PLAYBOOK is neither a practice test nor a commercial for additional services.

THE PLAYBOOK is a comprehensive and engaging prep course designed to help students head into the SAT with confidence, momentum, and every key strategy fresh in their mind. Students benefit from:

✓ 8 hours of expert SAT instruction, all taught live-online so students can participate and pose questions.

✓ THE PLAYBOOK prep guide, featuring hundreds of practice questions, tips, and strategies the College Board doesn’t want you to have.

✓ Live video recordings of each session, so students can review key concepts whenever they would like.

Tuition: $195