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This summer, learn THE PLAYBOOK for cracking every question guaranteed to be on the SAT and ACT.

The SAT and ACT, bitter archenemies since the dawn of No. 2 pencils, have never been more alike than they are today. Our Combo Course exploits that similarity, teaching students strategies for all aspects of both exams, from methods for avoiding sneaky trap answers to techniques for staying focused under pressure—an indispensable skill for any teenager tackling the three-hour SAT or ACT.

Students benefit from 8 two-hour content and strategy sessions (16 hours of live expert instruction); our exclusive prep guide, featuring step-by-step strategies for every question guaranteed to be on the SAT and ACT; and video recordings of the entire course, so participants can review key concepts whenever and as often as they would like.

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Covers all aspects of the SAT and ACT, from strategies for uncovering the main idea in lengthy reading passages to shortcuts for math problems that make students say, “I don’t even know where to begin.”

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Endorsed by thousands of high school principals, college counselors, and parent associations throughout the country.

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Reduces test anxiety, so students can head into the SAT or ACT feeling self-assured and determined.

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Earns rave reviews from teenagers, who—let’s face it—would probably rather clean their room or undergo dental surgery than take an SAT or ACT prep course.

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Taught 100% live-online, so students stay fully engaged and can participate and pose questions.

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Uniquely Effective

Increases scores more than any other live-online program: an average of 280 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT.

Recent Testimonials

“My son tuned into your class KICKING AND SCREAMING. At the end of the first session, he begrudgingly told me that it was a good course and that he had a surprisingly good time. Kudos to whoever the teacher was. He said he was informative and funny and that he made hard concepts easy to understand. Thank you!”

Paul McCabe
La Jolla High School
San Diego, CA

“I’m really enjoying your classes and find that they are already so helpful, even though we have only had a few so far! They are somehow making this whole process less stressful and even fun, which I didn’t think was possible! Thank you again so much for doing your best to accommodate me, and for being a wonderful teacher!”

Kaitlyn Chesleigh
The Mary Louis Academy
Jamaica Estates, NY

“Super helpful. This course was just awesome. The instructor was funny and kept everything interesting. He clearly knows what he is talking about, and produces helpful tips and strategies for students. Interaction with students was great, and I felt acknowledged and heard.”

Isabell Thorp
Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School
Bethesda, MD

“I really enjoyed this experience (surprisingly) and learned a lot. I’m also very appreciative of all the extra resources you guys provide after each lesson. It proves you guys actually care about the students and want to help us succeed rather than doing these courses just for the money. :)”

Charvee Dua
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School
South Princeton Junction, NJ

“I appreciate how all of my questions were very thoroughly answered.”

Levente Nas
Chantilly High School
Chantilly, VA

“The instructor was very good (I don’t remember his name but I believe it started with a ‘J’). He kept a good pace, as well as made it interactive and fun. The time flew by. I strongly recommend this instructor to anyone who is interested in this course.”

Jesse Kinsmann
Newtown High School
Newtown, CT

“Occasionally, for a few of the easier questions, the explanation was slightly excessive. Otherwise, it was entertaining and time passed by quite quickly. I am definitely confident in the usefulness of these tips and look forward to applying them and raising my score.”

Nicholas Belev
Natick High School
Natick, MA

“This was amazing, really helpful and eased some stress.”

Rudy White
Bishop McNamara High School
Forestville, MD

“I like how it was very interactive and that many of the examples and tricks were easy to grasp. I took a different prep course, and it wasn’t nearly as informative or understandable. I actually feel more prepared now. Thank you!!”

Eva Stavinsky
Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School
Bethesda, MD

“I had a great time taking this lesson today. I felt that it was very helpful, and I learned a lot of new things, especially with the instructor being very familiar with the structure of the SAT. I am excited for the lessons in the next few weeks. Thank you very much!”

Susan Zhao
Dulles High School
Sugar Land, TX

“Today was very engaging–I learned a lot! The teacher was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kashyap Kolukula
Littleton High School
Littleton, MA

“The instructor was super encouraging and entertaining and did a great job of relating to us and allowing us to give feedback. Overall, really loved him!”

Anna West
Broad Run High School
Ashburn, VA

“This course has made me so much more confident. I found the lessons on SAT Reading to be really helpful when it comes to staying focused on the main ideas of the passages.”

Jasmyn Brown
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
New York, NY

“Ummm, YES, you have my and my Mom’s permission to use my name! I got a 1600 because of you!!”

Andrew Zhao
Henry M. Gunn High School
Palo Alto, CA

“I thought that the instructor was very interesting and easy to listen to. We went over a lot of information but he made the SAT seem less daunting and more doable.”

Rory O'Dwyer
Owen J. Roberts High School
Pottstown, PA

“I appreciated the instructor saying good job to specific people throughout the course. It made the instructor seem more personal and not just someone talking over the web.”

Andrew Po
West Springfield High School
West Springfield, VA

“Overall, a lot less boring than other SAT prep. Good pop culture and current-day references.”

Maxwell Chuo
North Hunterdon High School
Annandale, NJ

“This was so convenient and helpful! Thank you so much for providing really good examples.”

Micah Desai
Sunny Hills High School
Fullerton, CA

“You seem like a cool dude. You know your stuff. Thanks for teaching.”

Shukla Yashvita
Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School
Bethesda, MD

“I learned a lot of stuff that I feel would be very beneficial on the SAT and ACT. Thank you!”

Griffin Patterson
New Providence High School
New Providence, NJ

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept it interesting. The pacing was really good, too, and there was ample time for answering each question.”

Abigail Lowder
Putnam Valley High School
Putnam Valley, NY

“Very engaging and interesting. I wasn’t bored for a second.”

Janice Lin
St. John XXIII College Preparatory
Katy, TX

“I really appreciated the speaker’s humor. It made everything much more interesting and memorable. Furthermore, the quotes added a more personal and understandable perspective on the points being made. I had a lot of resources previous to this, but nothing nearly as helpful.”

Yaseen Saleh
NYC iSchool
New York, NY

“The course was very beneficial. I learned great strategies that I hope to review at least weekly as I get ready for the exam. Thanks for keeping it interesting and interactive – our classes were actually fun. Also, I felt like I could ask questions without fear. I will share this experience with my friends who are thinking about taking the SAT. Thank you for taking the time to help others raise their test scores.”

Christian Rivera
Deer Park High School
Deer Park, TX

“Great tips on how to avoid incorrect answers!”

Ruhani Prasad
South County High School
Lorton, VA

“I found your course very helpful for learning how to avoid ‘decoy’ answers. Thank you!”

Sriya Jonnadula
Owen J. Roberts High School
Pottstown, PA

“I am the grandparent of a student that took the study program at my house. (I connected through his mother’s email link.) I listened. I will recommend for sure.”

Lisa Teague
West Springfield High School
West Springfield, VA

“This was my first SAT prep course so I don’t have much else to compare it to but it was a good experience and I feel a lot more prepared now. The instructor was interesting so that was nice, it made the webinar less boring (not that it was boring, I just don’t want to use interesting again because that’s repetitive). Overall, it was really good. Thank you for the tips and tricks.”

Kavya Kamath
Sparta High School
Sparta, NJ

“The course was interesting and opened my mind to other ways of thinking about the reading passages and questions. Really helpful.”

Peter Gorge
Monte Vista High School
Danville, CA

“Kept me interested with so many great examples. Thank you!”

Ira Guruprasad
Dobbs Ferry High School
Dobbs Ferry, NY

“I liked the student-teacher interaction, well-timed breaks, and injection of comedy into the coursework.”

Lander Etcheverry
Newbury Park High School
Newbury Park, CA

“I really thought that the outside examples aided me in understanding the concepts he was trying to explain. I would certainly recommend this to anyone planning on taking the SAT.”

Ailbhe Brady
Somers High School
Somers, NY

“I can’t praise the instructor enough. Helpful and energetic with a passion for his work. Just an overall huge help.”

Mason Miller
Newtown High School
Newtown, CT

“Thank you so much! This was incredibly helpful and informative.”

Tam Nguyen
Paint Branch High School
Burtonsville, MD


Shawn Hartis
Deer Park High School
Deer Park, TX

“I really liked the teacher and how he was authentic and relatable and included sample questions and excerpts. I really do feel much more confident.”

Sydney Jones
Springbrook High School
Colesville, MD