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Multiple Choice Has Finally Met Its Match

CHOOSE THIS, NOT THAT! is a one-weekend workshop that teaches students go-to strategies for every question guaranteed to be on the SAT, including how to spot and eliminate the test’s notoriously tricky trap answers. Designed by former College Board insiders, bolstered by data and game theory, and led by dynamic, engaging instructors, CHOOSE THIS, NOT THAT! is the definitive course for students who want to march into the SAT with confidence, momentum, and every key strategy fresh in their mind.

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Content and strategies for all aspects of the SAT, from challenging reading passages to math problems that make most students say, “I don’t even know where to begin.”

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Endorsed by thousands of high school principals, college counselors, and parent associations throughout the country.

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Reduces test anxiety, so students can head into the SAT feeling self-assured and determined.

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Earns rave reviews from teenagers, who—let’s face it—would probably rather clean their room or undergo dental surgery than take an SAT prep course.

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Taught 100% live, so students can participate and pose questions.

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Comes with 8 hours of supplemental prep videos, so students can review key concepts whenever and as often they would like.

Students receive 8 hours of live expert instruction; our exclusive prep guide, CHOOSE THIS, NOT THAT!: The Playbook for Beating the SAT at Its Own Game, featuring go-to strategies for every question guaranteed to be on the SAT; and video recordings of the entire course, so participants can review key concepts whenever and as often as they would like.