Our 16-Hour SAT Prep Course demystifies every aspect of the test, from lengthy reading passages to intimidating math questions that seem impossible to solve.


  • 16 hours of expert live-online instruction (8 two-hour sessions)
  • 4 full-length, authentic College Board practice exams
  • Our comprehensive prep guides for SAT Reading, SAT Math, and SAT Writing and Language.
  • Video recordings of each lesson, so students can review key concepts whenever they would like, even after the course has ended.
  • Personalized feedback, including score improvement tracking and customized recommendations.

790 in Reading and Writing on the May SAT! Thank you!

Aishwarya R.
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
Princeton Junction, NJ

Thank you for helping me earn a 1550 on the SAT! I was a bit nervous the day of, but as I was going through the test, I felt very prepared. The course taught me how to read and analyze passages as well as the questions, which really helped me narrow down the choices and choose the correct answer each time.”

Justine Lao
The Mary Louis Academy
Jamaica Estates, NY

“I was able to raise my SAT score from a 1370 to a 1540. That’s a 170-point increase, something that may seem daunting but becomes easier with great guidance.”

Nicholas C.
Somers High School
Somers, NY

“Up from 620 to 760—thank you, this course was amazing!”

Jennie Park
Whitney Young Magnet High School
Chicago, IL

“Before, I could never figure out how to tell right answers from the wrong ones. I could usually get Reading question down to two choices, but then I would sit there, unsure which one to pick. I used to lose so much time in SAT Reading, going back-and-forth between answer choices. Now I know how to spot when an answer seems to be right but is really a ‘trap.’ Thank you. I feel much more confident for October.”

Arushi Varadkar
J. P. Stevens High School
Edison, NJ


Michael Leung
Lowell High School
San Francisco, CA
“I really liked the teacher and how he was authentic and relatable and included sample questions and excerpts. I really do feel much more confident.”
Sydney Jones
Springbrook High School


We realize that many students and parents are unsure whom to trust when it comes to SAT preparation. A local tutor? A big national company? Maybe just an online program and a book of practice tests? How do you know whom to trust when everyone claims to be the best?

At The Playbook, we don’t believe we have some special patent on SAT prep. There are many reputable providers out there, as there are in every field. Ultimately, we believe there are four important factors that determine whether students do well. To us, the four factors that determine whether a student will maximize his or her potential are:

  • The teaching talent and experience level of the instructor
  • The breadth and accuracy of the curriculum
  • The careful planning leading up to and throughout the entire preparation process
  • The diligence and motivation of the student him or herself

To us, everything beyond these four factors is simply marketing and irrelevant to a student’s success.

Perhaps the best assurance we can provide you is that we work mainly through word-of-mouth. We’re a national company, with resources of a major prep firm, but we don’t treat students as numbers or attract students with pay-per-click Google ads. Students turn to us because of our track record and positive word-of-mouth.

This course is ideally suited for students seeking an extended, comprehensive SAT prep program for both the math and verbal sections of the exam. Unlike some of our other group programs, which target specific aspects of the test, our 16-Hour SAT Prep Course covers the entire SAT and features full-length practice exams, a low student-to-teacher ratio, and individualized feedback.
Absolutely! We strongly encourage participation and create a welcoming, supportive class environment from the outset. Students simply type their questions and send them to us via a chat box. All questions are private, so students can feel secure asking anything they would like without having to feel in any way self-conscious.
Yes, every single math and verbal question students are guaranteed to encounter on the morning of the test.

We calculate score improvement data based on students’ starting scores from official exams (shared with us) and students’ official SAT scores after they have completed our 16-Hour SAT Prep Course (also shared with us). We then segment that data according to starting score ranges, because a student starting at, say, a 1450 can’t improve more than 150 points.

Students whose starting scores range from 1000 to 1150, inclusive, improve an average of 270 points.

Students whose starting scores range from 1160 to 1300, inclusive, improve an average of 200 points.

Students whose starting scores range from 1310 to 1450, inclusive, improve an average of 140 points.

And students whose starting scores range from 1450 to 1500, inclusive, improve an average of 90 points.

Most of the students are juniors, but we do have a substantial number of sophomores who participate in our program.

Yes, although private instruction is by no means necessary, many students do supplement this program with one-on-one tutoring. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing private tutoring options in addition to this course.


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September 27

Useful Strategies

Really great and easy-to-remember strategies. The content was engaging and definitely worth the time.


September 27

I loved the way jared taught

I loved the way jared taught, he made everything seem very simple


August 1

Great Course

Very Helpful Course. I learned a lot of new strategies and tricks to help me with the SAT.

July 27


Excellent, dedicated to the success of each student, strongly recommend!


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